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CPV-11 Scientific Chair

M. Baudrit, CEA-INES, France

Chair Committee

Chair Committee Chair:
F. Rubio, Soitec, Germany

K. Araki, Daido Steel, Japan
M. Baudrit, CEA-INES, France
G. Kinsey, U.S. Department of Energy, USA
S. Kurtz, NREL, USA
H. Lerchenm├╝ller, CPV Consortium, USA

Technical Program Committee

Program Chair:
I. Anton, IES-UPM, Spain

K. Araki, Daido Steel, Japan
A. Bett, Fraunhofer ISE, Germany
M. Baudrit, CEA-INES, France
S. Burroughs, Semprius, USA
C. Dominguez, CEA-INES, France
S. Fafard, Azastra Inc, Canada
J. Haysom, University of Ottawa, Canada
G. Kinsey, U.S. Department of Energy, USA
S. Kurtz, NREL, USA
B. McConnell, Arzonsolar, USA
D. Riley, Sandia National Laboratories, USA
F. Rubio, Soitec, Germany
G. Sala, IES-UPM, Spain

Organizing Committee

M. Baudrit, CEA-INES, France
C. Maniglier, CEA-INES, France
E. Riscado, CEA-INES, France
E. Bonhomme, INES, France
B. Feuerbach, PSE, Germany
M. Frank, PSE, Germany
S. Hermann PSE, Germany

Publication Committee

Publication Chair:
G. Siefer, Fraunhofer ISE, Germany

V. Aimez, University of Sherbrooke and CNRS-LN2, Canada
P. Benitez, UPM, Spain
F. Dimroth, Fraunhofer ISE, Germany
A. Dollet, PROMES, France
V. Everett, Australian National University, Australia
J. Foresi, Suncore Photovoltaics, USA
P. Garcia-Linares, CEA, France
K. Ghosal, Semprius, USA
A. Gombert, Soitec, Germany
W. Guter, Azurspace, Germany
Y. Hishikawa, AIST, Japan
T. Hornung, Fraunhofer ISE, Germany
R. Leutz, Leopil, Germany
I. Luque Heredia, BSQ, Spain
M. Muller, NREL, USA
K. Nishioka, University of Miyazaki, Japan
Y. Okada, University of Tokyo, Japan
M. Shvarts, Ioffe Institute, Russia
M. Steiner, Fraunhofer ISE, Germany
I. Suez, Cogenra Solar, USA
M. Wiesenfarth, Fraunhofer ISE, Germany

Advisory Committee

A. Luque, IES-UPM
R. Leutz, Leutz Optics and Illumination UG, Germany
M. Baudrit, CEA-INES, France

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