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CPV-11 was held sucessfully in Aix-les-Bains, France!

We were happy to welcome 235 participants from 22 countries around the world. Thanks to all authors for their high quality contributions.

Highlights of the conference were presentations on state-of-the-art CPV components, trackers, and installations. 

Chairperson's Message

Since the story of CPV-x started in 2002, a long way of development has been covered and there is still some to go. The PV environment is changing very fast, as does the CPV environment. Some may see uncertainty where others see great potential. However, there is one thing that is reliable in the CPV world: its strong community.

>>> Read the Chairperson's Message of Mathieu Baudrit, CEA !

CPV-11 proceedings now online!

The CPV-11 conference proceedings published with AIP (American Institute of Physics) are now available online.

Please click here to go to the proceedings on the AIP website.

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